About Minato-ku Shiba
Dental Association

Chairman’s greeting

Masataka Yajima, Chairman
Tokyo Minato-ku
Shiba Dental Associatio

Good day and thank you all for visiting us. My name is Masataka Yajima, and I am the Chairman of the Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba Dental Association. Minato-ku has two dental associations for Shiba and Azabu-Akasaka, and Shiba Dental Association gathers together affiliated dentists in the area in the east along the Yamanote line. This association became a public interest incorporated association in FY2013. We have a history of more than 90 years as an independent association of dentists, and continuously devoted ourselves to diligent study over these many years, while acquiring cutting-edge expertise and carrying out dental treatment. We have collaborated with the authorities there in providing various services to many residents and persons working in Minato-ku over that long period.

We offer oral health check-ups for expectant and nursing mothers, 18-month-old children and 3-year-old children, and oral health check-ups and guidance at nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools by school dentists. In addition, we offer free twice-yearly oral health check-ups for residents of Minato-ku aged 20 years or over. This oral health check-up, in particular, is a result of the accumulated efforts and combined learning of both dental associations and Minato-ku, and uses a painless saliva test, to prompt residents to consider oral health, thus creating opportunities to protect that health. The provision of a meticulous service over many years to everyone from children to the elderly, coupled with a high awareness of protecting the health of all residents, allowed us to last year reach the national target, 8020 Campaign, early (50% or more of 80-year-old persons still have 20 or more of their own teeth).

A healthy mouth, good legs and a long and healthy lifespan are things which everybody wants. Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba Dental Association will implement various initiatives and lend a hand in ensuring everyone’s continued good health.

Executive list of Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba Dental Association

Chairman   Masataka Yajima Yajima Dental Clinic
Vice Chairman Mother and child school health
Oral health festival
Adult health/Oral cancer examination
Medical management
Academic/Shiba-evi Study Group究
Hiroaki Nagai Nagai Dental Clinic
Vice Chairman Medical welfare for elderly people
Regional medical facility coordination
Masashi Okazaki Okazaki Dental Clinic
Vice Chairman
Managing Director
Public relations
General affairs
Accounting, public-interest corporation
Minato Resident’s Festival
Tomoya Yamada Yamada Dental Clinic
Trustee Mother and child school health
Oral health festival
Tomoko Tachibana Tachibana Dental Clinic
Trustee Adult health
Oral cancer examination
Naoyuki Nishitsuji Nishitsuji Dental Clinic
Trustee Medical welfare for elderly people Takehiko Nakagawa Nakagawa Dental Clinic
Trustee Regional medical facility coordination Natsuno Wada Shizenen-mae Dental Clinic
Trustee Medical management Tsutomu Tezuka Tezuka Dental Clini


Shiba-evi Study Group

Hiroshi Makino Makino Dental Clinic
Trustee Public relations Yoshitaka Fukino Fukino Dental Clinic
Trustee General affairs Masaru Yamanaka Hibiya St. Yamanaka Dental Clinic
Trustee Insurance Shinichiro Ando Ando Dental Clinic
Trustee Accounting
Public-interest corporation
Hiroyasu Iwasaki Iwasaki Dental Clinic
Auditor   Kazumasa Kamaga Kamaga Dental Clinic
Auditor   Takakazu Nakasone Shirogane Dental Clinic
Auditor   Soseki Sato Sato Souseki Certified Tax Accountant Office

The Dental Association joins forces with Minato-ku to have a regular dentist for all residents

Oral health check-up for all residents of Minato-ku aged 20 years or over
Caring for your mouth is vital for overall bodily health. The main causes of tooth loss are dental caries and periodontal diseases. You can receive a free dental check-up between June and August and November and January at a registered dentist near you. Please contact Minato Public Health Center (Regional Public Health, Health Promotion Division; Tel: 6400-0084).

Cavity prevention for 4 to 6-year-old children: Sukoyaka-chan’s fluoride treatment initiative
Free support to protect the delicate milk teeth from cavities Eligible residents will be notified by Minato Public Health Center (Regional Public Health, Health Promotion Division; Tel: 6400-0084).

Dentist house calls also available: Promotion initiative for regular dentist functions
When highly specialized treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure and heart issues is required, your regular dentist will provide an introduction to a suitable medical institution. For elderly persons or persons for whom a disability makes it difficult to attend a medical institution, a suitable dentist nearby will be introduced. Please contact the Dental Association or Minato Public Health Center (Health Prevention, Health Prevention Division; Tel: 6400-0080).

Long life and beautiful teeth award: 8020 Achievers Award Ceremony
Exemplary persons who have spent an entire lifetime with their teeth and realized a long and healthy life.

Peace of mind even on holidays: Holiday emergency dental treatment
Emergency dental treatment is provided at the holiday emergency dental treatment clinic on the second floor of Minato Public Health Center (3455-4927, only available on holidays) or at designated medical institutions in Minato-ku on Sundays, public holidays, New Year’s holidays, etc.
Designated medical institutions are based on a rotation system and are advertised in each issue of Minato-ku “Hoken dayori” newsletter.

Rushing to help at times of disasters: Minato-ku Police Dental Association
Minato-ku Police Dental Association is comprised of members of dental associations, with more than 90 registered dentists, who devote themselves to disaster prevention and identification.

Consultation for every person’s oral health
Free consultation offered by phone, and at a Dental Association booth at the time of Minato Resident’s Festival.

Close coordination with large regional hospitals
We have in place a coordination framework involving large hospitals both in Minato-ku and outside the ward in order to quickly and effectively deal with advanced and sophisticated dental treatments, high risk patients, and emergency incidents.
At the Dental Association we give first priority to the safety of all residents.

Hosting lectures for residents of Minato-ku
We hold lectures in many fields for residents.

Implementing lifelong training
It is essential that dental practitioners devote themselves daily in order to deliver the constant progresses in dental medicine to all patients. We hold more than ten training seminars every year, and are always endeavoring to refine our practice.

Collaborating in the smooth management of nursing-care insurance
We participate in Certification Committee of Needed Long-Term Care to help ensure fair certification. We also provide home-visit treatment and guidance to certified residents.