Oral health check-up
/ dental health consultation

Announcement on FY2014 oral health check-up, dental screening for adult residents of Minato-ku

What does an oral health check-up involve?

It will provide dental health education and guidance tailored to each patient by checking overall oral health, not limited to cavities and periodontal disease.
Any and all questions about oral health will be answered. The dental association is endeavoring to solve any oral issues you might have and give you control of what goes on in your mouth.

Oral health check-up is conducted twice-yearly.
The first-round check-up can be taken in June, July and August, and the second-round is offered in November, December and January (follow-up screening).
The mouth is the wellspring of health, and its health is the first step to ensure a long life of health! Whether you are a first-timer or took the oral health check-up last year, why don’t you have an examination continuously to ensure your mouth is being kept in running order?


Residents of Minato-ku aged 20 years or over (excluding persons currently undergoing dental treatment)
*Expectant mothers under 20 years of age can also get a check-up.
* Repeaters can take the check-up even if they are currently undergoing dental treatment.



Check-up details

Interview / dental inspection / saliva test / chewing function (gum) inspection / explanation of results and dental health guidance and advice
* Treatment and plaque removal are not part of the check-up.

Duration / times

Twice-yearly check-up (main check-up / follow-up)
First-round check-up: From June 2 (Monday), 2014 to August 30 (Saturday) 2014
Second-round check-up: From November 1 (Saturday), 2014 to January 31 (Saturday), 2015


Medical institutions listed inFY2014 Minato-ku Oral Health Check-up Participating Medical Institutions
* List content is subject to change.
* Be aware that the treatment hours and closed days vary depending on medical institution.


Please call and make a reservation to one of the Participating Medical Institutions in the same envelope as oral health check-up ticket.
* First-timers or those who do not have the oral health check-up ticket to hand should contact to the below “Contact details”.い

Contact details

Minato Public Health Center, 1-4-10 Mita, Minato-ku 108-0073
Health Promotion Division TEL: 03-6400-0083
Regional Public Health TEL: 03-6400-0084